Calling all book reviewers! Get your free copy of “The Ghost of Buxton Manor”

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Hello all!


I’m officially giving out free E-book copies of my newest novel “The Ghost of Buxton Manor” in exchange for a honest review. If you would like to participate in reviewing the novel feel free to email me your request at The novel is releasing October 12, 2016 and is up for preorders.

I couldn’t be more excited!



There is not a single thing I remember about my life. I died nearly a hundred years ago, yet I haven’t the slightest idea to why I died at the young age of seventeen. ALWAYS I’m trapped within Buxton Manor, without any means of traveling beyond my quarters. I spend my time reading and writing. By the way, literature is my only connection to the physical world, yet why that is another puzzle I can’t seem to solve. It’s rather lonely here, stuck IN such a grand manor, but I do enjoy the rare visitors: Bloody Mary, the Weeping Bride, the Headless Horseboy, and of course, the jolly old ghost, my therapist of the Deceased. They’ve all tried to help me, aiding me in uncovering my unfinished business, but so far they’ve proven ineffective. All that is about to change. A new family is moving in to OUR family estate; the first family in over a century, including a boy my own age (or at least the age I was at my time of death). I don’t know what it is about him that I find so fascinating. It seems he might have seen me, or at least, dreamt about me because, you see, he’s drawn me. He’s an artist, rather good actually, and he has drawn me since he was a little boy.
Aaron, this boy who I thought was a perfect stranger, he helps me remember….

The Ghost of Buxton Manor is a young adult, paranormal LGBT novel about first love, adventure, and finding your purpose in an unfamiliar place. The novel is complete at 325 pages and is suitable for ages 15 and up.

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24 thoughts on “Calling all book reviewers! Get your free copy of “The Ghost of Buxton Manor”

  1. This sounds absolutely amazing. I’m not going to request a free copy for two reasons. One, I’m bogged down with books TBR, and I don’t want to promise to read it and not get to it for five years. That would be horrible, and I’d feel incredibly guilty (I already have a review to do for a similar situation. Not quite five years, but the guilt is still very real), and two, I want to pay for it so I can support you! I know reviews are often even better than payment, but if I can’t get to the former in a decent time, I at least can grace you with the latter 🙂

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    1. Aw! That was so sweet! Well, first I think you’re awesome. Second, I totally understand were you’re coming from. I don’t know how you reviewers keep up. I had a couple reviews I needed to do and it stressed me out. I ended up having to put everything else in my life to the side just so I can clear my conscious with the reviews. I totally and completely and wonderfully appreciate your support : )

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      1. I’m getting better with reviews! After a year I’m almost caught up lol. I do try to review no later than a week after reading now, and I take notes while I read. I definitely understand the conscience thing though. I felt SO bad I forgot about that one, but it’s done now so the guilty weight I’d gone 😊

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