Art / Store


Now open for commissions!

Prices below, if you have any questions, or to order, feel free to contact husbandandhusband(.)net(@)gmail(.)com


       Large 11 x 17 inch prints : $20.00 USD (includes shipping, add $5.00 USD for outside the US)

     Small  5 x 7 inch original ink commission (single character) : $25.00 USD (includes shipping, add $5.00 USD for outside the US)

AF_GEORGIA_COLOR_LOW-RES  Large 11 x 17 inch original  full-color project (book cover, illustration) : $250.00 USD (includes shipping of original ink and pencil art + TIFF of finished work, add $5.00 USD for outside the US)


*Inquire for availability on special projects


15 thoughts on “Art / Store

  1. This is good stuff. It’s sweet, yet edgy, straightforward but snarky, and streamlined without concealing just how talented the artist is. I really like the style of it, the lines. Every artist has certain lines. Yours come at you like a thick, sexy, accent on a stranger.

    When did you find this particular style? Did you evolve into it or was it always there from the first?

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