Kickstarter Campaign – Husband&Husband Comics Volume 1

Hey guys! we missed you!

It’s been awhile since we’ve done an official blog post, we’ve been busy away like crazy on a bunch of awesome projects that we can’t wait to share! if you want to catch up on a few other things, you can always check out our YouTube channel for weekly vlogs: Husband and Husband YouTube, and our Instagram for all of our comics: Husband and Husband Comics.

We wanted to share a special project with you all today! We just launched a Kickstarter to get our first volume of Husband & Husband comics in print! If you’d like to support the book, and order your copy of husband and Husband, please follow this link:  Kickstarter. Can’t wait to see this book on all of our friend’s coffee tables!

We are so overwhelmed by the support and love we all share! We love to think that we are building a loving, accepting, and all around fun + awesome community TOGETHER! Thank you for following along on Husband & Husband comics for the past two years, it’s been awesome and we cannot WAIT to get this beautiful book in your hands! (and a few rewards too 🙂

Take care!

Husband & Husband

H&H Episode #1 on YouTube

Hey ya’ll!

Episode one of our new web series, based on our comic strip Husband&Husband, is now up on YouTube. We hope you enjoy and subscribe for more videos!

The first episode is an introduction of sorts, explaining the “differences” between gay and straight relationships.

Love you all, and take care!  😀


Husband & Husband Episode #1 (preview)


It’s Aaron! I know I don’t post as much as Jonathan lately, but I’ve been working away at editing episode #1 of our new web series!  Super stoked that we’ll be able to share episode #1 very soon, but in the meantime, checkout the below preview video.

It would mean the world us if you could also subscribe to our brand new Youtube channel (the little red + button) and it would mean the MOON to us if you left a lovely comment (because we love talking to you!) :

As you might have guessed, the series is based on our weekly webcomic following the (mostly) real adventures of two nerdy guys who happen to be married to one another.

Enjoy the preview, and stay tuned for more!

Love you all more than…hot sauce! (I put that $#@! on everything!)  ❤

My husband and his sunglasses