Kickstarter Campaign – Husband&Husband Comics Volume 1

Hey guys! we missed you!

It’s been awhile since we’ve done an official blog post, we’ve been busy away like crazy on a bunch of awesome projects that we can’t wait to share! if you want to catch up on a few other things, you can always check out our YouTube channel for weekly vlogs: Husband and Husband YouTube, and our Instagram for all of our comics: Husband and Husband Comics.

We wanted to share a special project with you all today! We just launched a Kickstarter to get our first volume of Husband & Husband comics in print! If you’d like to support the book, and order your copy of husband and Husband, please follow this link:  Kickstarter. Can’t wait to see this book on all of our friend’s coffee tables!

We are so overwhelmed by the support and love we all share! We love to think that we are building a loving, accepting, and all around fun + awesome community TOGETHER! Thank you for following along on Husband & Husband comics for the past two years, it’s been awesome and we cannot WAIT to get this beautiful book in your hands! (and a few rewards too 🙂

Take care!

Husband & Husband

My husband is turning 30 soon

Happy Holidays & News & Updates from Husband & Husband!

Husband and Husband Holidays

With the holidays approaching and all the craziness that the end of the year usually brings, we want to thank all of our friends, family, and readers for an amazing year. Please accept our virtual hugs-we LOVE hugs!

In early 2015, Husband & Husband started as a little webcomic on, and since then has grown into a full-on blog, webcomic, review site, and much more.

Our readers are the coolest dudes and chicks we know, and we wanted to thank ya’ll for continuing to read, like, and follow our journey this past year.

Husband & Husband has grown so much since it started earlier this year, and it’s heartwarming to watch it evolve in front of our big, wide eyes. There are many exciting, brand new things coming in 2016, and we can’t wait to share them. A few things that are coming, or are already in the works are:


-Writing bits and preview chapters from novels that are in the works by Jonathan.

-Preview chapters from more books coming soon from Aaron.

-Full-length, mini Husband&Husband comic stories.

-And of course, more comics, blogging, and H&H shenanigans.


All the best & always love,

Jonathan & Aaron, Husband&Husband.