The Blackwell Family Secret continues…

I just wanted to give everyone an update on The Blackwell Family Secret Book 2. I just signed a contract with Dragonwell Publishing to be release sometime this year! I’m really excited for this book. I spent two and a half years working on it and I couldn’t be more proud of what it has become. I can’t wait for all of you to read it and hear what you think. It has been an amazing journey, even more so now that I can share it with all of you. I’ll keep all of you update throughout the process and I hope to see all of you at the release party! 🙂

Book 1 The Blackwell Family Secret: The Guardians of Sin (synopsis)

Seven deadly sins have been unleashed, and the only one who can defeat them is the boy who set them free.
Nicholas Blackwell has no idea he is supposed to fulfill a destiny. All he knows is that he draws trouble like a magnet. Orphaned at seven when two demonic men killed his parents, he copes with the strict rules of his new home, St. Christopher’s academy, unaware that he has been the real target for the killers and that his guardian angel has saved him in the nick of time. And now, his problems are only beginning when a mysterious serpent lures him into the woods and tricks him into a demonic ritual that will unleash the Seven Deadly Sins to destroy the humankind. Nicholas has no choice but to correct his mistake–or die trying.
Aided by Amy, a shy but determined girl who seems to know more about his task than she should, Nicholas’s quest is to travel into the City of Demonio and defeat the Seven Guardians of Sin. To succeed, he must confront demons, monsters, and lost souls, learn the mysteries of the Chapel of Dreams, discover the true meaning of friendship and love, and face the darkest secret of all: the Blackwell Family Secret.

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Encouraging Thunder Award!

Thank you thank you thank you to for nominating Husband & Husband for the Encouraging Thunder Award!!!

Well, Aaron and I started blogging as a way to do something special together, but as turned into something beyond what we had ever dreamed. First of all, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting some fantastic people through this blog. Secondly, Aaron started his webcomic of all our shenanigans and that has gotten such amazing recognition that a book is in the works! Aaron and I have been developing some short stories for the comic and we can’t tell you how excited we are to bring this over to kicker-starter. As well, we’ve been reached out by my numerous readers about the difficulty of “coming out” and how our blog has helped them out in doing just that. Aaron and I will always been there for anyone in need. To all those teenagers who are struggling with themselves, or parents and family members struggling with acceptance, we hope that our life story fully conveys that ‘it does gets better.’

Husband and Husband has been a wonderful ride and we don’t want to get off quite yet.

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Quote Challenge Day 3

Well, it’s the last day of the challenge and Aaron and I saved our favorite quote for last. This one is very special to us. The words here are powerful and we believe them to be absolute truth. I (Jonathan) actually got this quote tattooed on my arm. That’s how much I truly LOVE it. I have a strange fascination with death. All my books (that have been written or planned to in the near future) focus not only on death, but the exact meaning of this quote. I do believe that J.M. Barrie pulled from his higher self when writing this down on paper.

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