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Star Wars: The Force Awakens — Movie Review


There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, possibly one of the most anticipated movies of all time, has finally come at last. But does this new film, the one that shall relaunch the entire franchise for not only a new generation but ones that have grown up with the story, all what it has been hyped up to be? I loved Star Wars for a very long time. I remember being about eight-years-old going to rent a movie when my mom said to me,”It’s about time you watched these.” And picked up the original Star Wars trilogy for me. From that moment on, I was in love. My obsession only increased when Episode 1, 2, and 3 came out. I, unlike most of the world, didn’t hate Phantom Menace when I first watched it. Granted, I was young. Now though–let’s just say it’s not a movie I pop in to watch when I find some down time. Attack of the Clones was alright. I actually liked Revenge of the Sith, partially because I love the concept of good characters going rogue and well, you should already know what happens here. The original three: A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi is, in my opinion, flawless. I have to say that cast was just perfect. Han Solo, Luke, Leia, Chewie, R2D2, and C-3PO  were just too awesome which made the prequels without them a hard one to compete with. That said, with the original cast joining forces to return to a galaxy far, far away, how could anyone not be excited?

Aaron and I watched Star Wars: Force Awakens the morning after opening night. I was so excited I could hardly sleep. X-Wing flights, soaring Millennium Falcon, and lightsaber duels filled my dreams, making it unbearable to even try to sleep. I’m telling you, I couldn’t wait. I was going to pee my pants until I saw the yellow text drifting through the starry galaxy, but finally it came at last.

I wanted to give it a couple days before I posted this review to give time for people to see the movie, but I couldn’t wait anymore. So without further ado, here is our review on Star Wars: Force Awakens.



Overall, the movie was incredible. I thought it was a great way to kick off the new series. We got to experience something really amazing by bringing in the old cast. It really felt real to see our beloved characters back on the screen, aged naturally after nearly 40 years. And the fact that they had all these years to age really made you feel like the time passed(which it did). However, if the films were filmed right after that we probably would have seen Harrison Ford wearing a ton of makeup to have him look older. I thought the introduction to BB8 was on point.He was such a cute little droid that I simply feel in love with. He’s a great addition to our already lovable droids. The new cast held their own, filled with their own  character and mystery. I really like that this time we have a female lead (Rey, played by actress Daisy Ridley) who is sort of taking on the Luke Skywalker role. She’s also an amazing pilot so I think she’ll have some traits of both Luke and Han. This makes me think she’s related in some form–possibly Luke’s daughter? In the original comic I believe Leia and Han had twins and Luke had a boy, but they seem to be straying from this. I also really liked the idea of Finn (played by actor John Boyega). He is a stormtropper who wants to be good. I thought that was a nice twist to the story. I’m not even going to tell you how amazing it felt to see Han and Chewbacca reunited. It was like no time passed. I have to say though, I was not expecting Han’s death. I was shocked. I couldn’t even enjoy the rest of the movie because I was dwelling on what just happened. I couldn’t believe it. My mouth stayed open for about ten minutes after the scene. Aaron had to even ask me if I was alright. I understand why they did it, I just didn’t think they would do it so fast. I mean, the original cast never even got to be reunited together. I swear it was like when Dumbledore died. I was in mourning.

Like I said, overall, the movie was fantastic. There was much more I thought did well than otherwise. However, there was a few things that did bother me about the film.

They made this movie really safe. You could tell that they were scared to have another “Phantom Menace.” The movie mirrors “A New Hope” so much it was a little ridiculous. Let’s look at the similarities between the two films.

  1. A lovable droid is giving a message(map) that the enemy is after.
  2. Our main hero is from a deserted planet.
  3. Our main character finds the droid with the message (map) and makes friends with someone who can help them escape the deserted planet.
  4. Travels through space on the Millennium Falcon–no complaints there. The Millennium Falcon is AWESOME.
  5. Main character received Anakin  Skywalker’s original lightsaber by a character who has been protecting it.
  6. Planets are destroyed by enemy.
  7. Death Star (Starkiller Base)
  8. A fleet of X-Wing fighters destroy enemy base.
  9. Main character watches mentor die in front of them by lightsaber.
  10. Darth Vader (Luke’s father) Kylo Ren (Luke’s nephew).

There was a lot of similarities between both films. To me, all I saw was a fancy remake of the original. However, in no means am I bashing this film. I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to see it again. I just hope that Episode 8 doesn’t mirror “Empire Strikes Back.” So long as they keep the next film fresh, I’ll be a happy camper.

How to Make Your Own Baymax Ornament

Wow! It’s been a crazy Holiday season thus far. This December has been filled with chaos. I’m so sorry we’ve been a little neglectful. Between work, writing, planning our vacation, and last minute holiday shopping, we’ve had almost no time to blog. But we miss you guys! I wanted to write this post much sooner, but because of all the craziness, I’m just getting around to it now.

This is a great arts and crafts post–something fun to do with your kids, or if you’re like me, something fun you can make for your fellow peers. I had a lot of fun making these Baymax ornaments and they were a big hit. Everyone loved them and was decorating our office with them.

To make these silly little guys, all you need is the following:

  1. Clear ornaments (we purchased a pack from Target).
  2. Cotton you can purchase at your local arts and crafts store.
  3. Black bubble paint.


That’s it! it’s super easy and loads of fun. Our Christmas tree has one–heck every Christmas tree wouldn’t be complete without this little guy. After all, Big Hero Six is one of Aaron and my personal favorite Disney movies.

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!

Grab a cupcake! It’s time to celebrate the birth of the world’s most beloved mouse.

It might sound a bit silly to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s birthday, but I actually think otherwise. Let’s think about it for a second…What would the world be like today if Walt never drew our cherish friend? Personally, I think the world would have been a different place. By brining Mickey to life, Walt also reminded us to live our lives with our imagination, fantasy, and of course, with a little bit of magic. For me, as a writer, I live my daily life using my imagination. I think it’s one of the most important things you can have. I remember playing a game one time with a group of friends in which we secretly had to write answers on a piece of paper, and the person asking the questions had to guess who’s answers they were. One of the questions were, “If you could give one thing to your child what would it be?” -something similar to that. My answer was IMAGINATION.

I grew up watching Disney films which I believe helped spark my creativity and lead me into the career I’ve chosen. I couldn’t imagine my life without ever watching The Lion King, The Little mermaid, 101 Dalmatians, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and so many more. Disney really helped shape who I am, and more importantly, who I strived to be.



So, lift your cupcake in cheer for this awesome mouse! To celebrate, tell us your favorite Disney movie in the comment box.

Aaron’s favorite is…The Little Mermaid!

Jonathan’s is…The Lion King.


Happy birthday Mickey Mouse!

Star Wars: Force Awakens Boycotted for being Anti-White…

As most of the world already knows a new trailer for Star Wars: Force Awakens was released during ESPN’s Monday Night Football. Hours before the unleash of the most anticipated film of the year, Twitter was exploded with #BoycottStarWarsVII. These hateful tweets were inspired by actor John Boyega for being the lead role in the new film. Director J.J. Abrams is now being accused for infusing his own political beliefs into Force Awakens.

Personally, I think this is just ridiculous. It’s beyond words how utterly absurd the whole thing is. First off, we had SIX films with “white” actor leads. Now that the seventh film in the franchise has a “black” lead we’re boycotting it?! Why is this an issue? Why does it matter? Can’t people just be people? Can we look beyond the color of someone’s complexion and look solely at John Boyega’s betrayal of the character Finn? As far as I can see from the cast, it looks like Boyega is the ONLY black actor in the entire film. How is this a big deal?! Why does it matter?

It breaks my heart to see with my very own eyes how pathetic some people are. We live in a diverse world filled with a variety of different types of people. This rift between white and black, gay and straight, rich and poor really needs to end. Why can’t humanity, excuse me, the majority of humanity, understand that people aren’t born with the same color skin, sexual orientation, and wealth?

Sadly, I’ve seen the discrimination between black and white from both sides. I see “African Americans” treated unfairly, and I’ve also worked at a mall where the demographic was 95% African American and were I was treated unfairly because I was white. I also live in Los Angles, California in 2015 so all of this really needs to stop. The world is full of hate and it drives me crazy!

Husband and Husband will NOT be boycotting Star Wars: Force Awakens. We are super excited for the release of the movie and can’t wait until it comes to theaters. We watched the new trailer last night and we were almost in tears when we saw Leia and Hans embracing. I can’t even tell you how thrilled we are. It’s just sickening to see some people stuck in their own wicked hatred.

PS James Earl Jones is black and he did a kick ass job as the voice of Darth Vadar.