My husband is turning 30 soon

Husband & Husband Episode #1 (preview)


It’s Aaron! I know I don’t post as much as Jonathan lately, but I’ve been working away at editing episode #1 of our new web series!  Super stoked that we’ll be able to share episode #1 very soon, but in the meantime, checkout the below preview video.

It would mean the world us if you could also subscribe to our brand new Youtube channel (the little red + button) and it would mean the MOON to us if you left a lovely comment (because we love talking to you!) :

As you might have guessed, the series is based on our weekly webcomic following the (mostly) real adventures of two nerdy guys who happen to be married to one another.

Enjoy the preview, and stay tuned for more!

Love you all more than…hot sauce! (I put that $#@! on everything!)  ❤

My husband and his sunglasses